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The growing and ever-changing digital world needs experts to handle the business prepositions to come at an equal level with their online consumers. Here at Selecta Sol, we provide perfect solutions for your digital consultancy needs which gives you the best experience and right direction regarding your clients on online digital forums. Our profound capabilities and sound strategies create ideal solutions for your business. We as a Digital Agency will be happy to assist you with all your business needs!

Services by Selecta Sol

Increase revenue through digital marketing for your business!

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation is an essential tool for digital marketing. By choosing the correct keywords, the content will be picked by search engines to appear on top. It leads to a better user experience and eventually gives a higher conversion rate. We can provide you with Search Engine Optimised content for your business and lead you to create higher revenue streams.

Franchise SEO

Our Franchise SEO includes several strategies to make you successful. This Includes NAP in all content you’re providing so that it’s easier for the customers to reach out to you. Interlinking your profiles on every platform makes a difference since it lets viewers know your presence. There are many more techniques that our digital marketing agency can provide you at your convenience.

Local SEO

This is more of a strategy to grow your interaction with consumers on a face-to-face level. While it may look like a regular SEO service, it involves an entirely different level of ranking factors. It aims for the people searching for the services of your business type, in their locality. It will attract customers to visit your physical store/outlet/office. Selecta Sol can quickly provide it for you to help your business grow not just in e-stores but also, in-stores.

Technical SEO

Our digital agency makes sure your web presence is noticed in every way. Technical SEO is to ensure that the website satisfies with the technical demands of the latest search engines. The end goal is to improve organic ranking of a particular website eventually. Its essential elements include website architecture and indexing.

Link Building

To acquire more significant traffic and increase consumer trust, it is highly important that you must implement the link building methodology. Through paid sponsorships and industry collaborations, we can build contextual links with sites that will target your content to specific audience.

Web Development and Designing

Selecta Sol will develop an eye-catching, highly optimised, and mobile friendly website for your business as a part of its digital marketing agency services. The website will be a complete package with CTAs, important tabs and links, and FAQs to make it user interactive. This will create brand awareness and effective brand interaction and eventually lead to better sales.

Bespoke Web Designs

Create a buzz in the consumer sector by creating a unique and user-experience friendly website that spotlights your business’s outstanding features. We will design your website by researching your industry, discovering your competitors’ sites and knowing your customers’ mindset. We also call this custom site built which will have custom functionalities as required by you and your industry.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is the new hub for businesses in order to generate business by growing their audiences. It is vital to create your business’ presence on multiple social media platforms. Finding clients through sponsored advertisements and pop-ups is highly possible ways. Selecta Sol will assign your social media accounts to highly efficient teams, and you will witness better results soon!

Pay Per Click Management

To run and manage your pay per click (PPC) campaigns, we will carefully deploy the techniques and tricks, set the goals, and research keywords. By fine-tuning the targets and selecting the right keywords, your PPC management will be in a much better place than ever. Our marketing agency services experts implement, optimise and finally reap results of correct techniques and tips.

Video Marketing

Video marketing is impactful and can create conversions if the trick and techniques are applied correctly for its implementation. If you add a video showcasing your products on the landing page, your revenues through digital media marketing can increase by 80%. The correct content in a video is what makes it distinguished; by using quality content, Selecta Sol will create perfect videos to boost your business.

Content Writing

Most of the factors of people landing on your site depend upon its content. Our digital agency creates highly optimised, non-plagiarised and precise content that will generate reader’s interest in your products. Our content writing will be a complete package of writing with correct context, engaging titles, impressive pictures and videos and would be search engine optimised.

Online Reputation Management

Selecta Sol, as a your responsible digital agency devotes time and efforts to monitor the presence of your business online. Replying to comments and feedback and quickly getting back at the comments that in any way, can create negativity and catering to their demands (if possible) makes a good persona of your brand. ORM is crucial to maintain a positive business image and we are on it all the time.

Amazon Marketing Services

In such a vast market, it isn’t easy for your brand to appear in the top pages. You need the correct strategy and proper techniques to be found by your potential buyers through product searches. By combining the best Amazon PPC, SEO and branding strategies, our team of experts creates swift selling experience for your Amazon business. We know the exact strategy to increase ROI on Amazon.

E-commerce Marketing

By generating more content on product reviews, maximising your page in terms of optimisation and personalising the strategies, we can do better e-commerce marketing for your business. Our digital marketing company is keen to follow the latest digital trends and inculcate them in marketing strategies to bring forth the best results. Little details of marketing strategies like filters or QR codes, if applied correctly, can improve the online business.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

CRO is the process of increasing web visitors’ percentages that take the desired action on your website, for instance, purchase your product or take part in your online contest or such. With an easy UX and personalised landing pages, conversion rates can be improved. Our digital marketing agency team will create a safe and secure payment system, optimise the website and make it mobile device friendly to generate better conversion rates.

Email Marketing

Even in this era of messenger apps and mobiles, email is still considered as the best way to get your message across in a formal way. By attracting new subscribers and increasing customer engagement, your newsletters and emails will get good responses. Here at Selecta Sol, we choose to send personalised subject lines and create user-friendly content so that we build a good consumer relationship through emails.

E-commerce Web Design

Business alone through e-stores and websites earn a good deal of customers, even if a physical store was not included. Our digital marketing consultants know their ways to create a UI friendly web design and optimised and attractive landing pages so that the customer is sure intrigued and interested to buy from your business.

Web Hosting

To host a new website means to handle all the online business at one place, which is surely a big responsibility. Selecta Sol provides you a safe and secure web hosting service. The key elements of it include the system backing up and keeping it safe from viruses. We provide web hosting and support for all your business sites until we teach your designated team how to do this task.

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Strategies as Your Chosen digital marketing agency

Here at Selecta Sol we go through a number of factors to determine and plot a comprehensive strategy for digital marketing. We keenly observe your business market, your end-goals, your customer’s nature and how you want to market your brand, then we formulate a strategy and work on it closely and deliver you the best results.

Brand Presence

Leads Generation

Marketing Conversions

Web Performance

Enabling Sales

Here’s what we deliver as part of an end-to-end marketing strategy:

Analysing Current Statistics

Team at Selecta Sol carefully go through statistics to know which areas exactly need improving. Whether it is less traffic on your site or poor web-hosting or less social media presence or decreasing link building, we observe each aspect to know where we should exactly start from.

Creating Right Content

Our talented team of content writers, Web designers and videographers study your business and device creative strategies for exactly what videos/ graphics or text to put into your marketing strategy to boost your business.

Reports and Stats

We analyse the metrics through compiling the graphs of different analytical tools to get a clear picture of where your brand is in terms of internet presence, what kind of audiences are you targeting and if you should be re-targeting a different set of consumers. When we handle your business, we have a managing strategist who will help you with the data regarding marketing. You will be in full control over what and how your social media and marketing campaigns will be managed. We will provide you with weekly reports of how your digital marketing has impacted the sales in the week.

Forward Planning

When we handle your digital marketing, we keep analysing and looking at the reports and compare it. This gives us an idea of where we improved the sales and which area needs betterment, we then work on to optimise those areas. We lead you in when new opportunities arise on any platform and guide you about how it may bring a change to your digital presence and target more audience. We will then proceed to implement those strategies accordingly.

Developing Strategies

Our whole team of creative writers, videographers, strategists and social media managers and web developers brainstorm ideas and create strategies together to come up with the best digital marketing experience for you.

Promoting the Brand

Our marketing strategists come up with smart digital plans which help promote your products and brands on digital media. We use different channels in order to promote your brand and stand up in front of your potential customers. We promote and create brand presence in interesting ways.

Digital Marketing on a Global Level

As an online marketing agency that is working on a global level, we build sites with international SEO, so that it comes up in organic search results and you can gain real-time purchasers. Our marketing and writing teams join heads to create culturally appropriate and perfect web marketing strategies for you. Our international digital marketing strategies will help you gain global exposure to your products and services.


GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is a way the businesses/individuals/contractors can have more power over their data, and that data isn’t available to any establishment or agency to be used for money. Anyone who uses data of an online individual or company may be held liable for breach of policy. The law requires the companies to delete the user data if an individual is no longer interested in processing it. We will make your business GDPR friendly while practising our day to day marketing activities.

Selecta Sol Is a Perfect Digital Marketing Agency for Your Business

Notice the difference when you choose Selecta Sol for your digital marketing services.

We as your digital consultancy partner, having years of experience in this field. Our talented team comes up with the best digital marketing solutions that eventually end up in improving your business. Our goals include increasing the brand presence, increasing loyal and long term customers and good revenues through digital marketing.

Choose us to gain following benefits from us and open new doors of steady stream of revenue through digital marketing.

Marketing Services Based on Evidence

We provide services after thorough research on your brand, your consumers and their online behaviours. Metrics and statics play an essential role when it comes to analysing business marketing impacts. Our team keenly observe the data and then form a strategy to help grow your business.

Experienced Professionals

At Selecta Sol we have highly experienced professional people in every team. Whether it is content writers or strategists or marketing professionals, they are all well-experienced in their particular department, and they all come together on one common goal: to bring your brand to the top through digital marketing services.

Custom Marketing Consultancy

We put together strategies for our clients based upon their data, ROI, sales reports and PPC. We have a direction and expert level skills to plot our marketing layout. We go through each brand’s data and customers and their current sales and base our next step accordingly. We go out and about to give our clients a custom marketing consultancy experience.

Personalised Approach

When shopping online or viewing a brand page, consumers like to have personalised shopping experiences for their needs. We base our strategies focused on the consumer’s personalised experience rather than cooking all dishes with a single spatula approach.

Evaluating the Services

No one wants marketing services if they don’t know whether it is impacting positively on the business or not. Selecta Sol makes it a priority to evaluate and analyse their results on regular basis and then proceed forward to create new marketing plans.

Pocket-Friendly Services

Here at Selecta Sol, we provide complete digital marketing agency services that are easy on the pocket but heavy on the quality. We build custom payment options for our clients so that they may avail the best services without their bank accounts being emptied.

provide customer Approach

Selecta Sol Provides a Customer-centric Marketing Approach

To turn prospective customers into actual sales, you don’t need an ordinary customer: you need a customer who loves your brand. We keenly observe what your customer expects from a brand like yours, and then we put forth our marketing strategies based on that. In short, our marketing tactics are consumer-centred to attract more to your brand.

With our top-notch web designs and layout, secure payment methods and 24/7 availability on social media accounts, we make sure the customers of your brand are treated like royalty. Our marketing professionals follow-up with customers on social media and prioritise the feedback. This eventually raises your brand in the eyes of your buyers, thus leading to better sales.

Selecta Sol doesn’t just provide marketing services; it provides a complete and brilliant digital consultancy experience.

Results-driven Digital Marketing Consultant Firm in UK

Our top-notch and cheap digital marketing consultant services promote your business fast and easy. We supply an individual, enthusiastic as well as customized solution for each of our customers, according to their needs and requirements. No matter how large or small your organization is we would provide you with the best affordable internet marketing consultant solution. Whether it is basic SEO, content marketing, social networks propagation or even PPC, we have a perfect key for all your queries. Our digital consulting services and marketing approaches are cutting-edge with all the latest tools in our arsenal. It is all you will need for a straightforward and also concrete outcome. Even if you are acquiring digital marketing consulting services for the first time, there is no need to fret as we are here to fully guide you. We provide you with a lifetime chance to find out exactly how can skyrocket your online existence with an ultimate business boost. Our sole objective is to accomplish your service purposes. Whether you intend to enhance internet site web traffic, reinforce on-line visibility, elevate brand name understanding, or require a digital social marketing consultant, our team is here to assist you. As we all know no advertising and marketing project can be effective without the best e-commerce approach, we especially focus on that aspect too. Our team of ecommerce marketing consultant experts will evolve the best possible strategy for your online business. Here are some of the salient features of our result-driven digital marketing strategy:

  • We are one of the cheapest digital marketing consulting companiesin UK with a market competitive price plan.
  • Each of our team members has a significant amount of experience and also proficiency in providing top-notch advertising and marketing solutions.
  • Our online marketing consulting servicesdeal in plenty of sectors including both B2B as well as B2C.
  • Our group comprises seasoned advertising and marketing specialists, SEO professionals, task supervisors, above all, content developers with a solid approach.

Get in touch with us today for highly affordable and reliable digital marketing services in London, Birmingham, Liverpool, Leeds, Glasgow, Bristol, Sheffield, Newcastle, and the all-over United Kingdom (UK).

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We provide every marketing service with your business needs. From creating a kickass website to managing your social media accounts to SEO and content marketing, you name it; we already have a service plan ready for your business.

Selecta Sol is not limited to any specified area when it comes to serving as a digital agency partner. We cater to all kinds of businesses and brands.

We will absolutely share the updates and reports on monthly basis (or we can propose a custom idea) to the client to let them have an insight how our marketing has impacted the sales growth and what areas we are looking forward to targeting in our next phase.

Yes, we provide complete digital marketing solutions, including Social Media Marketing, Digital Strategy, SEO and PPC.. We handle the social media accounts; create websites, email marketing and marketing through sponsored ads on social media.

Selecta Sol uses the latest, top-of-the-game tools for your business marketing to give you the best results and increase the ROI.

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