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A/B Testing

A/B testing is modern way of testing and optimising your PPC ads. In this test, we split our PPC campaign to maximise benefits. Our team is monitoring the overall ads campaigns to maintain the performance and improve it if needed. These tests allow us to keep the cost low and reap maximum results.

Landing Page Optimisation

PPC campaigns can bring traffic to the website but are not able to make the conversions; for this purpose, we have to design the landing pages. We have a team of specialists who design website landing pages for PPC to create a fully-mapped buying circle. These pages are designed to fulfil the customers requirements.

Keywords Research For PPC

Keywords Research is a very sophisticated process and has a significant importance in PPC marketing overall. It includes selecting the right keywords for your PPC campaign. We use modern tools to analyse relevance, search intent, and search volume of the keywords. A right keywords research is considered the key to successful marketing campaigns.

Leads Generation

When ads appear on the relevance of a query in search engine, the potential buyers land on your website's targeted page and convert into buying customers at the end. We design and optimise top performing leads generation campaigns for you. These campaigns bring value for the money and obviously paying customers too.

PPC Agency

PPC Agency That Delivers

With our expert PPC services, your business can rank on the top search results of the biggest search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.
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Engage User, Improve ROI

When you come to pay per click advertisement, Google Ads are in a position to make it a success for your business. Google Ads provide you with the best platform to acquire your desiring results from your business. Google Ads are very cost-effective for advertising businesses ; the reason is that it allows you to select your budget and bids and change them to your comfort. Cost is obviously considered as the important factor while planning and executing of new PPC advertisement campaigns. It helps if you look at the statistics of the ad’s conversion rates performance.

Google Ads help you to approach those audiences which have the high potential to convert into customers. When you decide to start Google ads to advertise, you can also use the Google display network. So, the ads you want to show will appear on the Google results pages, and as well as appear on Google Maps, Google Images, Google Shops, and on many more other networks. So, it would help if you consider it as a preference for your PPC advice.

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PPC Keywords Research

Research for PPC ads plays a vital role in generating traffic, Selecta Sol as a PPC Agency is very keen to select the right keywords because we know, it will increase the PPC click-through rate, so the conversion rate also automatically increases. Research is the best way to choose the right keywords and make an effective PPC keywords list. Here are a few steps which we accomplish in this process.

Top Rated PPC Management

There are certain steps we must adapt to manage your PPC campaign.

Most Affordable PPC Services in UK

PPC is a kind of paid online marketing that can provide you with instantaneous website traffic. In other words, it is an excellent advertising and marketing tool for your company. If you are searching for the most affordable PPC services, your search is almost over. We get you found by your prospective clients like no one will ever do. Not only that, but we also transform them into your lifelong customers. Our dedicated team of experts believe that your business growth is possible only when all elements of our PPC marketing services operate in inconsistency with each other. Once you are with us you’ll obtain your very own devoted group of PPC experts with accessibility to your very own bespoke reporting control panel and all the assistance you require. For that we’ll develop a reliable PPC approach with you to assist increase your online exposure without putting a dent in your pocket, enhancing leads, website traffic as well as sales. In short, unlike other PPC management companies, our sole motto is to increase your business’s on-line capacity in the minimum possible budget. No doubt Google Ads and Google AdWords services is the largest system in the online industry, not all the experts know how to use it for brand enhancement. Collaborating with our PPC advertising services led by top professionals is the fastest method to acquire clicks, checkouts as well as leads for your business site. Here is how we make it possible:

  • Our PPC advertising agency provides you with immediate uplift in web traffic – with the maximum number of click paid advertisements
  • We make sure to get you first-page direct exposure to put you over your competitors.
  • Our PPC marketing can be carefully and easily kept track of in a hassle-free manner.
  • If you want fast and reliable brand name recognition with monitoring of site visitors as well as conversions, our PPC Manchester is what you need.
  • Our PPC agency Manchester draws in brand-new consumers promptly providing your natural search initiatives.

Cost-efficient PPC optimization to produce far better outcomes in London, Birmingham, Liverpool, Leeds, Glasgow, Bristol, Sheffield, Newcastle, and all-over United Kingdom (UK).


Do Selecta Sol Provide Services for Both Small and Large Businesses?

Yes, The Selecta Sol is here to offer the full range of digital marketing services including PPC, and SEO services for its customers, either they belong to small or large businesses. We know every business requires a proper strategy to stable their identity in the digital world and this way is the best to contact the massive amount of people and to convert them into a potential buyer. We treat every business as a BIG business!

Why Is Digital Marketing Important for a Business?

Digital marketing is one of the advanced ways to present the existence of your business by using online methods . Nowadays, every person spends it's more time connecting to the web than before. So, for every business, both small and large digital markets are mandatory to get success with a successful marketing strategy.

What Do Selecta Sol Offer to It's Clients?

At Selecta Sol, we offer the complete range of digital marketing services for small, medium and enterprise level businesses to increase their online presence in front of their potential customers. Our digital marketing services consist of PPC, international and local SEO, marketing on top social channels, content creation for social media, email campaigns and web development services.

How Do Selecta Sol Provide the Service of PPC Management?

We offer PPC management for our clients using the latest techniques and approaches by studying out their businesses, audiences, and their goals. We provide pay per click advertising services for the variety of businesses including local to international business.

Why Selecta Sol is Best From Others?

Our satisfactory and results oriented PPC Services will build your business and improve online existence in search engines like Google. Our dedicated support team will support you in real-time, gives you detailed reporting and use white hat techniques. This all makes us different from others in the competitive market.

What our clients say

The most cutting-edge technologies paired with brilliant minds here make a perfect combination. Definitely I’ll be visiting Selecta Sol for my future projects as well.Recommended!

declan loy
Declan Loy

I wanted to re-brand my product and chose Selecta Sol this time for my digital marketing services. I’ve never been more satisfied with digital marketing highly recommended.

Christian Faller
Christian Faller

Through and through a pleasurable and free of worries digital marketing agency. Watching my business thrive just after 3 months of choosing Selecta Sol as my digital marketing services.

Yael Rozanes

I chose Selecta Sol for optimising my content. My website not only started appearing on first page but I saw a huge impact on clicks as well.

Grant Maxwell

My PPC management was worst and I was disheartened. I saw Selecta Sol’s ad and reached them. The most efficient and brilliant PPC management team I’ve come across.

Doug Robb

Selecta Sol developed and designed perfect website for my company. The smooth dealing already had me in the beginning and the talented team built my website in a very short time.

Kim Rogers

I needed content development and Social media management services, landed on Selecta Sol’s website and happy to say, I’ve never looked back! I like content development and Social media management.

Nadir Carpenter

Selecta Sol has perfect SEO services. I have been a regular client for various web requirements and Selecta Sol has never disappointed me highly recommended SEO services.

Espri Moodley

My company needed a fresh UX/UI friendly web that didn’t just needed clicks but also made sales. Selecta Sol created a great e-commerce site that was user friendly and boosted my sales.

Dennis Hart

I contacted Selecta Sol for my link building and CRO. I was dealt in a smooth and friendly atmosphere and have gotten the much needed improvement in my website. I am glad I chose Selecta Sol!

Jacob david
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