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Our Advanced Social Media Marketing Services Will Help you gain more traffic and Sales

Social Media Marketing attracts the right people who, potentially in the long run become long-term customers. People are more inclined to follow brands and products on social media than anywhere else. The image of brands or products can be more easily voiced through social media marketing using a clever social media marketing services and strategy.

Social Media Marketing Services
Best Social Media Marketing Place

Techniques For Perfect Marketing

Some tools might bring your game higher and make your brand/product gain a name across the networks!

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The contests on social media forums to attract users to interact with the brand’s profile, these help your brand in getting more views.

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Managing all platforms

We manage all the platforms well making sure to update the latest posts on every business profile.

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Monitoring the brand

Browse different pages and look at what others comment about your business. What reviews are you generating?

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Designing the brand profile

The key social media marketing strategy is to design your brand profile perfectly.

Your Smart Social media marketing company

Develop your presence on most trending social media platforms

Create profiles on the most used platforms. Create relevant media assets, along with images and videos. Conduct live sessions if your business type calls for it. The brand profile is everything; create one that stands out. Correct social media marketing services connect you with the targeted audience swiftly. Interact and understand your audience on all levels. Interlink profiles on different social media sites to let your audience know where else they can follow your page. Selecta Sol can do all that for you and much more! 

Social Media Marketing Agency

Connect with The Audience

Build trust, commitment and credibility among your audiences.

Be Attentive

Engage with your people, communicate with them and listen to the queries.

Drive Your Network

Conduct social media marketing campaigns through the networks.

Asses and Execute

Assess brand performance and execute the changes.

Campaigns By Us As Your Social Media Marketing Company

  • Increase page likes
  • Awareness about your brand
  • Reaching out to a larger audience and creating a brand impression
  • Increase traffic on your website
  • Engaging the audience
  • Online purchases from your site
  • Promoting your events
  • Answering queries in the DMs and inboxes
  • Views on the posted videos
  • And much more!

Targeting Your Audience Through Social Media Management

  • Discover your audience thoroughly (location, age, and gender etc)
  • Create engaging and questioning posts
  • Do not always make sales pitches on the page (go casual sometimes)
  • Interact with them, reply to their comments and feedback
  • Educate about your brand on your page
  • Create content that is free of fluff and keeps reader’s interest

Boost Your Business Through Social Media Forums

One of the most important parts of local social media marketing services is to know exactly which social platform to pick for advertising your brand across the social networks.


Facebook is a centralised place where people of all ages, occupations and genders are active. Creating your business page on this platform will help your brand recognition on a huge scale. Paid Facebook ads will let you target your preferred audience, which will definitely boost the sales in return.


Another huge platform is Twitter. By writing an optimised bio and making use of correct handles, your brand can attract a number of potential clients. A few studies show that the click-through rate for paid ads on this forum has a higher average than on other channels.


By creating a business profile for your brand on Instagram, creating catchy hashtags and sponsored ads you can create your product or brand awareness on Instagram easily. Involving influencers along for your campaign will create a larger impact. We can also use free tools on-site to grow your business.


Create engaging posts and make sure to participate in industry conversations for increasing the awareness of your product/brand. Linkedin gives you the freedom to set your ad campaigns to specified profiles, make use of that and target the right audience.


According to Pinterest itself, it drives 3.8 times better sales then most ad campaigns do. ROI rates on Pinterest are great if they are used correctly. Pin a great photo with a perfect caption on your board to create the buzz about your brand. Attach links, make introductory videos and market your brand on one of the biggest media-sharing forums.

SMM Services you can avail from Selecta sol for social media marketing agency in Manchester

Running of Ads

Instagram and Facebook ads are both most useful areas to run social ads after using key characteristics of the audience like age and occupation etc. You can reach targeted people who may be potential customers. The campaign on such platforms has great returns on investment and usually, is a success.

What are the Advantages of Managing Facebook Ads

  • Reaching the fans and followers instantly
  • Increasing your brand information
  • Increasing the traffic on your brand’s website
  • Increasing sales
  • Re-targeting the audience of your website

Creating Relevant Content


Your relationship with the public can suffer a huge deal if you ignore any social media platform, even for a very little time. The internet always needs quality content. What we can do for you is create relevant content that will increase the impression of your brand and eventually accelerate sales. Our social media management will boost your business like no other does.

What Content Services do We Provide?

  • Copywriting
  • Creating videos relevant to your brand
  • Creating animations
  • Designing the digital ad display of your brand
  • Creating hashtags, trends or content according to the platform

Managing Your Social Media Presence


Managing business accounts on social media can be a pretty daunting task. It isn’t just time-consuming but also very stressful. Leave all the stress and hard work for us, and you can focus on handling the business. Here our team of social media marketing will create a strong social media presence of your brand across all necessary forums; write engaging posts and content, release pictures and videos and much more.

How Can You Gain Advantages From Social Media Marketing Management?

  • Provide you with an edge above competitors
  • Permanent customers
  • Create positive engagement
  • Increase in sales and revenue
  • Increase in referring clients
  • Increment in email list
  • Increase web traffic
  • Create a sound relationship with the audience
  • Drive offline business
  • Increase market reach

Social Media Marketing Consultants


Any brand’s social media presence is equivalent to the brand’s ideas and what it stands for. Our social media marketing services will stop you from worrying about managing every page on numerous forums and customer queries, making a relevant post and engaging in positive dialogue. Selecta Sol can handle all that for you and much more. We will create strategies relevant to your business and execute them flawlessly. Our research on your brand will be strong enough to make your social media decisions on your behalf. Your business will thrive once we deal with your local social media marketing campaign needs.

What Social Media Marketing Services Do Our Consultants Provide?

  • Social media accounts on multiple platforms
  • Strong social media presence
  • Guidelines and recommendations
  • Strategy and setting of new goals regarding social media forums
  • Social media surveys
  • Analysing the trends in relevant industry
  • Raw feedback from customers

Best Ever Affordable Social Media Marketing Agency UK

No matter how good and popular you are at your social network when it comes to your brand enhancement, there is no other option than a reliable social media marketing agency. It is no more hidden from anyone that various social media platforms are like a gold possibility to take your business goals to the next level. By hiring reliable social media marketing services, you can develop a bond between your existing and also prospective clients. Moreover, you can involve with those that want to know more about your services and upcoming company events. We take care of all these aspects by providing you with a seasoned social media marketing consultant according to your niche. He or she will devise social media policy that will boost your brand existence to the next level. We develop a swiftly altering advertising and marketing network, with brand-new attributes as well as updates frequently being launched through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat or whatever platform you have in mind. It might be difficult to maintain, and even understand for a businessman where to begin, but not for our team of social media specialists. Here is a glimpse of how we can help you through our affordable social media marketing tactics:

  • Our experienced social media optimization company personals will have optimized all your social media accounts – whatever the nature of your service might be.
  • Your social network audit and also how we proceed, all that will be in your notice. You will know exactly what we are doing for you.
  • In the next stage, our social media agency Manchester will construct your audience base and additionally ensure these are optimized for the finest results.
  • We’ll tactically target customers and also influencers in your market to follow/monitor to place your brand name on the front.
  • Not just do we target your audience, our team will function carefully developing and grooming your brand name’s social design.
  • After all, that we will come towards the social posting. It will be carried out in such a sequence that nothing will make it feel like it is not done by you.

Call us now to get boost your social media presence in London, Birmingham, Liverpool, Leeds, Glasgow, Bristol, Sheffield, Newcastle, and all-over United Kingdom (UK).


How Will Selecta Sol Create Relevant Brand Content?

We will run a thorough research on your business. We use tools and techniques to know what to put out there in order to create hype for your business. We will create relevant content, posts, pictures, contests and much more.

Will Selecta Sol Be Updating Me on What Is Being Shared/Posted?

Yes, we will be sharing all the details and social media marketing strategies prior to executing them. You will be kept in the loop of when, how and why all the moves we make. An individual manager will be assigned to handle all your social media platforms.

How Can My Business Be Any Better Through Marketing via Social Media?

Marketing through ad campaigns is great, but when social media is involved, the benefits have added a thousand fold. You are able to reach and talk to your customers like never before. Tools provided by the forum itself can be used for boosting sales. It is more cost-effective than in other ways.

Selecta Sol Is a Social Media Marketing Agency, Will It Be Possible if I Am From a Different Region?

The kind of services we provide doesn’t need the physical presence of the client itself. We can and are very much able to provide our SMM services in the UK and across the globe. Correspondence and communication can be done through calls and emails. We can provide you with top-notch social media marketing solutions everywhere!

When Will I Get to Actually Experience a Boost in My Business After Hiring You?

Most of the sales increase depends on few things: The kind of brand/product you are marketing, the channels you are operating on and the budget that you are willing to spend for your social media marketing campaign.

Will Selecta Sol Work With Me if I Have a Small Scale Business?

Yes! While you are careful about where you invest and where not, we ensure that we will put in as much effort in your business as we will with any other business. A business isn’t just big or small, business is an opportunity to excel!

What our clients say

The most cutting-edge technologies paired with brilliant minds here make a perfect combination. Definitely I’ll be visiting Selecta Sol for my future projects as well.Recommended!

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Declan Loy

I wanted to re-brand my product and chose Selecta Sol this time for my digital marketing services. I’ve never been more satisfied with digital marketing highly recommended.

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Christian Faller

Through and through a pleasurable and free of worries digital marketing agency. Watching my business thrive just after 3 months of choosing Selecta Sol as my digital marketing services.

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I chose Selecta Sol for optimising my content. My website not only started appearing on first page but I saw a huge impact on clicks as well.

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My PPC management was worst and I was disheartened. I saw Selecta Sol’s ad and reached them. The most efficient and brilliant PPC management team I’ve come across.

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Selecta Sol developed and designed perfect website for my company. The smooth dealing already had me in the beginning and the talented team built my website in a very short time.

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I needed content development and Social media management services, landed on Selecta Sol’s website and happy to say, I’ve never looked back! I like content development and Social media management.

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Selecta Sol has perfect SEO services. I have been a regular client for various web requirements and Selecta Sol has never disappointed me highly recommended SEO services.

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My company needed a fresh UX/UI friendly web that didn’t just needed clicks but also made sales. Selecta Sol created a great e-commerce site that was user friendly and boosted my sales.

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I contacted Selecta Sol for my link building and CRO. I was dealt in a smooth and friendly atmosphere and have gotten the much needed improvement in my website. I am glad I chose Selecta Sol!

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