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Every business has various marketing objectives and numerous products, all of these need a different marketing strategy approach. For very purpose, we provide bespoke web designing, the best web development services to accommodate all business needs, big or small.

Our website development company designs websites which helps your business and get great digital marketing returns. The innovative layout and easy navigation let you upload and upgrade the website whichever way you want to.

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We Turn Your One-time Customers Into Long-term Clients

We take our website designing services seriously. The one-time customer becomes a long-term client through easy to navigate user-interface, smart layout, safe and secure online payment system. 

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We shape your imaginations into Outstanding designs

Here at Selecta Sol, we collaborate closely and communicate regularly to design your imaginations in perfect shapes.

We discuss how would you prefer the UI to be and then work on drafting and planning around the design to give you the best experience.

web development agency
website design services
Smart Web development

Flawless Website Design Services

By keeping in mind what kind of users will be landing on a particular website, we carefully design each page in an innovative and unique style. Our website designs and developments are always carefully planned out, keeping a few things in perspective; how our client wants it and how the users will go through it.

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Interactive User Interface Designs

We have cutting-edge technology and smart thinking to give you perfect web designs those help you keep your customers and clients coming back again.

We know exactly how to optimise conversions through a smart, creative design. The users are quick to judge designs and create their likeness based on how easy it is to use a website. We can create a smart and eye-catching space to get your users’ attention and get the business running. The intellectual minds at Selecta Sol’s web development agency create the best UI designs to attract more web visitors.

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Our Smart Process of Web Development Services

It isn’t the case of one size fits all when it comes to designing a website. We do not use a single template for all our clients. Instead, we prioritize your business needs and draft a web design solution to cater to your needs and create a beautiful, classic outcome.

Our brilliant coding and smart methodology involves the creativity necessary to bring a business come to life on the screen. The web developers here at Selecta Sol will aim not just to create your site but we strive  to grow your business. Our intelligent use of on-page SEO makes it an easy-to-land website for the customers.

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Bespoke Website Design Services to Cater Your Needs

We have vast experience working closely as a UK based web designing agency for our varied clients. Our process of web development is smooth. We provide quality results on affordable budgets.

Our tech-savvy web development team work day and night to create the masterpiece you’ve been looking for all along.


1. Initial Assessment

We begin our process by assessing what services your business provides and any other your online presence. We precisely follow-up on your user interaction and feedback and formulate a plan to design a technically precise website, easy for its users to surf and brings revenue to the business.


2. Analysing the End Goal

Selecta Sol plans a design strategy carefully, keeping your end goal in mind. We create a place exactly how you want it to be. Our tech heads give a complete analysis of security requirements, tabs, icons, traffic, and the programming interface to achieve the end goal.


3. Built

At this stage, we start the building process. Our tech teams and UX teams collaborate closely to create an interface in which servers and databases are formatted correctly and ensure the functionality is par. We structure the overall behavior of the site, fully functioning APIs, and check the SEO integrity.


4. End User Experience

We focus on the end goal tasks to be performed by users. While we strive to create eye-catching content, we make a friendly and easy to go website that serves the purpose well. We ensure the discoverability of all the functions.


5. Development

With a smart grip on modern languages for development, including HTML5, Java, PHP, etc., we draft an intelligent design with various options for content management systems and custom web developments. Team at Selecta Sol's web development agency has sound knowledge of web development and will develop and design perfect sites for you.

6. Quality

We ensure the UX and UI are smooth and correctly running before we introduce the website. We check code validity, functionality, clicks, search engine optimisation, and if the client goals have met before launch.


7. Launch

Now comes the final moment- we launch your website on the web. Side by side, we keep analysing if it is giving the desired results, and if the search engines’ can reach it or not. We train your staff to upload content on it and the rest of the usability options.


8. Optimising

We keep checking for how many clicks it got, what content is working for it, the tab functionality, and other features. We make sure to provide you with a smooth and revenue making website before handing it over entirely to you or your team.

Choosing Selecta Sol as a web development agency

Internal Network

Over the years, we have not only worked with high IQ individuals to create stunning content; we have also worked with brilliant teams who perfectly executed that content into the designs that our clients preferred.


Here at Selecta Sol, we design a website after a thorough discussion with our clients. We give them options that fully ensure quality and also fall entirely into their budget.


Website designing is all about creating front-end and back end development, coding, and SEO friendly content. Smooth running codes and a robust back end ensure a good website, and we strive for that.


We create a design with UI and UX in perspective. End-user experience is all we care about so that it earns good revenues and your need for creating a website is fulfilled.

We tailor each website from scratch depending upon the business needs, type, and requirements. Your unique business needs unique web designs, and we’re all up for it!

We keep you in a complete loop of what is happening and how it is happening. Our team is in close contact with yours so that we’re able to create a website how you have imagined it to be.


Imaginary Approach

We can provide you with various imaginary options and are not tied to specific platforms for developing and designing the websites for you. We take our clients along the journey and guide them about the pros and cons of all the platforms relevant to the best web development services we provide. Our clients are free to choose after knowing the strength and weaknesses of all those platforms.



Our competent team of web developers here at Selecta Sol can create a perfect WordPress site for you. WordPress sites are highly praised for its simple functionalities, are highly search engine optimised and can be picked for better click through rate. Our SEO experts will make your site a top-rated one without any doubt.

Custom Development

Custom Web Development

With our strong command over CLI and sound knowledge of PHP and other popular frameworks, we can develop perfect custom websites for you on the latest technologies, platforms and frameworks. We listen to you, work around the requirements and shape a website or software into perfect and secure tool. Team at Selecta Sol knows the techniques and tools to build a high-level custom interface.


Squarespace and Wix

Developing functionality through comprehensive coding via JavaScript and corvid APIs and adding the personal touch by including custom interactions, we can perform all that and more if you talk about web development and design software like Wix or Squarespace.



With our vast experience over Adobe, we can create animations, photoshopping custom images, or using Dreamweaver. Everything is available under one robust platform called Adobe. We are highly experienced in working with Adobe and similar tools and in creating perfect master pieces.


Draw Revenues From Your E-commerce Store!

E-commerce is a budding new trend! You can earn a great deal from the e-commerce stores if you choose the right team to work for you. Our developers can create an impactful e-business at the following significant e-Commerce platforms:


Shopify E-store Development

Shopify is a great place to have an e-commerce business. Whether you choose to sell multiple items or even a single one, Shopify is the best solution. Our team can launch your store and create a happy e-business experience for you.


Bigcommerce E-store Development

We can create a perfect e-store for you at Bigcommerce. Since it has minimal coding, it will struggle less with a regular upgrades. Our team can create hassle-free store launches and will be handling every technical aspect of it.

Magento E-store Development

Magento is a bit more technical as compared to Shopify or as compared to other platforms where you can launch your e-store. But not to worry, our highly trained team here at Selecta Sol can provide you with a brand new ready to make revenue e-store at your convenience!

Woocommerce E-store Development

Create and develop immaculate e-business at Woo Commerce with us. We will provide you with suitable options for security plans, guide you about all sorts of shipping software and payment gateways; we will then work with what you chose and come up with a ready to earn e-business! You can choose the best web development company "Selecta Sol" for your website designing!

Boost Your Business with Our Web Design Company

Whether you’re a startup, small or large business set up, we are your ultimate destination for cheap web design and development services. Our web design company is known for its sophisticated website design in the minimum possible time. We provide a variety of SMM, PPC, digital marketing services, from e-commerce solutions to online shopping portals and also bespoke internet application growth for business branding. No matter what your need and requirement are, our web development company is ready to serve you any time you want. We count on progression and client satisfaction that is our real asset. 

Our sole motto is to provide you with a unique yet satisfactory client experience. Once you are with our web development services, you get a distinctive style and online layout for your business that will give you an ultimate boost. For us, it is all about bringing your vision to life, advice on where to begin with your initial web site, or recommendations on invigorating your online visibility. 

At the same time, we also focus on other aspects of your ecommerce website development such as increasing website web traffic etc. No matter which solution you need, we have all your needs summed up under a single roof. With years of experience in developing stunning internet sites in the UK, we supply you with a smooth experience that will help you stand apart from your competitors. Here are some of the salient features of our custom web development services:

  • First of all, our web development agency Manchester has a cheap solution for all business modules, furnishing you with economical website design services on a budget plan.
  • No matter how cheap, there is no compromise on quality when it involves Web layout, while we constantly advise a custom-made website design.
  • We have highly experienced developers in our web development company Manchester that are always at your disposal.
  • Our website designing agency focuses on mobile-friendly designs that would run on any platform.
  • Super quick web development services are a hallmark of our company profile.
  • Not only website design services, but we also provide top-notch consultancy and after-sales maintenance.

In short, we have a perfect solution for all your web developments needs in London, Birmingham, Liverpool, Leeds, Glasgow, Bristol, Sheffield, Newcastle, and all-over United Kingdom (UK).


What Happens About Upgrades Once My Site Is Live?

We provide basic training to your technical team once your website goes live. The training includes knowledge of upgrading the website and how to keep hosting it properly.

Will I Be Able to Make Changes if My Website Has Already Launched?

Yes, you will be able to change a few things using CMS. However, if something more technical comes up, you can reach out to us, and we can figure it out together.

Will Selecta Sol Provide Content and SEO With the Website?

Yes, our team is highly capable of doing every task. We will be guiding and providing you with all that you need to create a perfect website.
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